Changes for some notable bloggers

In the last couple of days there have been 3 very notable bloggers and members of the industry who are making wholesale changes in their work and in their lives. Last year around this time, Jason Kottke made a move from his fulltime job to become a fulltime blogger. A year later he reminisces about […]

Behold the release of Campfire

Alas, 37Signals has released their latest product, Campfire. It’s an online group chat application. I participated in some of their testing last week. I wasn’t overwhelmed but I will give it more of shot than that. I think we’ll take it for a test-drive over the next couple of days and see if it adds […]

Google acquires MeasureMap

As a user of Google Analytics, I’m ecstatic about Google’s acquisition of MeasureMap. I signed up to be part of MeasureMaps’ beta program, but haven’t been contacted about. I am really looking forward to what kind of advancements this will bring to Google Analytics. I’m sure it will feature more support for specifically tracking blogs. […]

30 Boxes

I just signed up for a 30 Boxes account. I am anxiously awaiting Mozilla’s integration of their email client and a robust calendaring system (if anyone knows anything about this, please let me know). I think if I depended on calendar functionality I’d be forced to use Outlook. I don’t rely heavily on a digital […]

The Subscription Age

John Zeratsky has written the first couple posts of a series about The Subscription Age. In these he’s discussing content delivery, content consumption, and community. It’s a really interesting look into how some many mediums are converging in terms of their delivery medium. I’m sure there are some great opportunities to capitalize on that.

Internet Celebrity: Past, Present, Future

Coming from a more artistic, design background I look back to the bubble years and just after and think of who was “hot” then? I think of Joshua Davis, of,, Kioken, and praystation fame (no wonder why he had celebrity, he was pretty damn prolific). Gosh there are so many others (Mike Cina, […]

Casual Fridays

To me, casual Friday makes no sense. If the idea of a dress code is to create a formal workplace or to give off a “professional” look, why are Fridays exempt? Or rather, why are people not required to be “professional” of Fridays? Dress codes are not what I have a problem with, I understand […]