Creation of a Facebook app: Day 1

Well, not really Day 1. But Day 1 of digging deep into the code and trying to get data to and fro. From where I sit now, I’d call it a successful day. There were and are definitely bumps in the road, but for the most part, I’m finding this process very enjoyable. It’s not […]

Creating a Facebook application

I have an idea. I wouldn’t say that “I have a dream” necessarily. I think that’s taken already anyway. But I do have an idea for a Facebook application. More about the specifics of the app as we get further along in the development process. What I’d like to do here, is document the process […]

New site, new feed

To all of you out there in RSS land, I’ve moved. My blog now resides at my new site K3NDALL and the feed URL is Hope you like the new site. I’ll be adding additional features to the site so it will become a place to find out all the information about me and […]

View my blogs on your iPhone

I was looking at my own blogs on my iPhone and they looked awful. Not that my themes don’t look nice, I’ll let you be the judge of that, but they were made for full screen viewing. When I’m looking at my blogs, I need to zoom in and scroll to view the content. Wouldn’t […]

Minor iPhone Gripe: Contacts

Let me first say, I love my iPhone. And I think that version 1.1.3 of the iPhone software was a great addition. The psuedo-GPS functionality with the maps functionality is freaky accurate. Now for the gripe. I have to click into the phone portion of iPhone to get to my contacts. It’s at least 2 […]

Scrabulous told to shut it down

In a move that reeks of short-sightedness and old business, the brass at Hasbro and Mattel have told Rajat and Jayant Agarwalla (the brothers behind the facebook application Scrabulous) to shut down their facebook application because it infringes on their copyright. Scrabble is a old standard board game that is probably past it’s prime (like […]