Twitter errors abound today

*** UPDATE ***

I think there is someone out to get me at Twitter. All is well again in the Twitter-verse. Phew. I was starting to sweat it. I wasn’t able to know what my peeps were up to at this exact moment. Now that my day is back on track… I should get back to work.


Twitter, just as I get done singing your praises you have to go and crap out. Now when I hit I get a dialogue box that says:

A username and password are being requested by The site says: “Production-Staging Access – Employees Only”

I hope that Twitter isn’t being brought in-house to only Twitter employees. It seems like that would be bad for business. I bet someone pushed out some code that they weren’t supposed. I’d bet that it’ll be back up shortly… or maybe it will be a while. Or maybe they indeed decide to bring it in house.