Why you should use WordPress for your marketing web site

Today, WordPress powers over 70 million of the world’s web sites. Those sites range in size and complexity, from Fortune 500 companies, to private, personal journals and blogs.  And everywhere in between. We could make a list of reasons you would want to use WordPress as a part of your next project, but today we’re going to focus on just a few.

It’s easy to use

I ask clients why they think WordPress is a good fit for them. The biggest reason I hear is that it’s easy to use. Business people are busy and don’t have a lot of time to manage their web site. A tool that’s easy to use will help them to actually spend the time that is necessary to maintain your online presence.

When we launch a new web site for a client, we typically do a training session with the team that will be responsible for maintaining the web site. Nearly every time, the resounding response is, “This is really easy!” People are prepared for it to be confusing, difficult and too technical for them, but with WordPress, the administration of a client’s web site can be straightforward and easy.

Highly customizable

Your project doesn’t fit into the pre-baked templates. Take heart, there is no project that fits 100% into pre-baked templates. Of course, you can shoe horn your project to fit within anything, but you very quickly lose functionality and branding opportunities when you do that. There is a better way (of course there is). WordPress allows for custom themes that enable designers and developers limitless capabilities. WordPress is structured in such a way where there is a base set of code that can be built upon and customized. So whatever your project needs to look like, a custom WordPress theme can be developed to accomplish that.

Extend functionality with plugins

What about adding functionality? That is done with custom code called plugins. These are bits of code that you can install with WordPress that add features that are not in the standard WordPress installation. There is literally no limit to what these programs can do. Plugins can be as simple as change one line of code or extremely complex code that changes how your site works altogether. There are some standard plugins that we recommend and use on almost all sites we build. They are built by trusted developers that continue to support and enhance the plugins they create.

There are plugins for search engine optimization, creating contact forms, Facebook integration, Twitter integration, email marketing, and so many more. There are also site specific custom plugins that we’ve created for clients who need very specific functionality on their sites.

What’s next?

If you have a project that you’re wanting to do and it seems WordPress would be a good fit, we would love to talk with you about it and answer any questions you have.