In the News – 8/17/2012

This marks the first installment of “In the News”, a weekly installment of interesting and informative links that I’ve come across. Most of it will relate to startups, web development, entrepreneurship, design and technology. But I reserve the right to throw in a wildcard link to keep things interesting. If this sounds interesting you can sign up to receive these links via email.

This week takes us to the dark side of design, get a glimpse inside the mind of a wise investment innovator and we finish up with a chance encounter with a computer pioneer.

Never use black (
It’s something I learned back in art school. A very interesting look at how true black doesn’t exist in the natural world.

John Bogle talks about the state of the investment industry  (
I’m very much a newb in the investment world and it’s refreshing to read about John Bogle, who has been a prolific author about investment, and how he set up Vanguard as a client’s first financial services company.

A computer genius walks into a coffee shop (
Don’t want to give away too much on this. It’s a great read.