Welcome to the new Vigilanteweb

Today we launch the latest and greatest version of the Vigilanteweb site. In this latest iteration, we have implemented some more up to date WordPress features.

Our portfolio has been completely rebuilt and is now working with a custom plugin. The plugin is built on a combination of Elliot Condon’s Advanced Custom Fields plugin, WordPress custom post types and WordPress custom taxonomies. We mashed all of this together to give us a quick and easy way to add and update our portfolio with recent work.

We also added a email signup form. We plan on putting together occasional emails that highlight some current trends and articles from the web. We won’t overwhelm your inbox with junk, just quality content from around the web. Let us be a curator for relevant content.

You also may have noticed a change in our logo. We have retired the old lion. He has served us well, but it is a new day and it was time to move forward. We will be delving into the process we went through in more detail in a later post.

As we have looked back at the work we’ve done and the great organizations we’ve done the work for, we realized that we have found our sweet spot. We’ve found where we think we’re a great fit. We’re focusing our efforts to help startups with their marketing presence. We think that WordPress is the best tool to use to accomplish that. We look forward to developing new relationships with founders and marketers that need help getting the word out about their new product or service.

We still have the capability to do all of the things that we did before (product development, web apps, email marketing etc.), we’re just focusing our efforts toward engaging with the community to enable startups to focus on their business and let us focus on their web site.