In the News 9/7/2012

This week we take a moment to celebrate. Today is my birthday.

In that vein, we will look to where I’m from, where I’ve been and where I’m going.

Can technology redefine Detroit? (
I’m not from Detroit, but I am from Michigan (and I went to my first baseball game in Detroit which counts for a lot). When the economy went into the tank in 2008, it hit Michigan very hard. I hope that Detroit can embrace the entrepreneurial spirit, and the tech sector, and flourish.

37signals invests in The Starter League (
I’m a longtime 37signals customer and it’s been fun and interesting to see the company grow and learn over the years. This post speaks to how they value education and are using their resources to support their values.

Forget Silicon Valley – build your startup where you live (
I don’t live in Silicon Valley and yet I have entrepreneurship in my DNA. Refreshing and encouraging that other folks see the benefit of creating  a startup ecosystem wherever you call home.