In the News – Oct 5, 2012

Today we have a post about writing your own story (with adult language), and great examples of how social media can be used to create a storm of media coverage and album sales, and pitch perfect content marketing.

Fuck ’em (
A lovely, encouraging and inspirational note to challenge conventional thinking and encourage us to live our own lives rather than the templated lives laid out by others.

Visualizing Virality: The xx’s New Album Premieres Through A Single Fan (
This one is a bit old, but I found it fascinating. It’s an interesting thing watching human behavior through the lens of social media.

4 explosive Instagram Growth Hacks (for Brands) (
First, I have to say, I have not used this product. I saw it in the context of a bunch of other links, so I didn’t know anything about the company. This is the best example of content marketing that I’ve ever seen.