Marketing Leadership

Great marketing teams must have one decider, ideally the CEO or CMO. The leader’s job is to define a process that yields the best ideas, while making the courageous decisions required to position your company to define and dominate your category. Chris Lochhead (

I couldn’t agree more. So often, marketers get a group of people together around a conference table and they collectively hash out a strategy to market their product. One word.


Please. It’s not helping you, your company, or even the people who’s ideas and opinions you are asking for.

Leaders need to lead. Chart the course. Be the visionary for your product. Be opinionated. At the very least, it gives you a place to start the conversation. Without an opinion or point of view, you, as a so-called leader in your organization, offer no more than a marketing intern. You know the talking points of your product, but not much beyond that.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you call a meeting to discuss your marketing plan:

  • What is it that only you can bring to the marketing of your product?
  • What can you delegate to enable you to focus on being visionary?
  • Can you clearly and concisely articulate your marketing goals?
  • Identify the people that are going to carry out your plans and then call a meeting.
  • Understand what success means for you.
At that meeting you should:
  • Communicate the ways you would like to pursue those goals
  • Give specific tasks to individual people and express what success is in each instance
  • Empower each member of your team (however big or small) to be successful

How have you seen marketers water down their message and confuse their teams by failing to provide marketing leadership?