Writing more

As I approach my birthday this week, I am taking stock. Looking at what I’d like to do more of, and what I’d like to do less of in my life. On the “want to do more of” list is spend time with my family, engage in play, and writing. I want to write more. […]

In the News – 8/31/2012

Sorry I missed you last week. I was off enjoying the mountains. Other than the news of huge blisters on the back of my heels, I was not very in touch with news (yes, I’ll be ok, thank you). So we pick it back up this week by looking at the cost of users, how to […]

In the News – 8/17/2012

This marks the first installment of “In the News”, a weekly installment of interesting and informative links that I’ve come across. Most of it will relate to startups, web development, entrepreneurship, design and technology. But I reserve the right to throw in a wildcard link to keep things interesting. If this sounds interesting you can […]

Welcome to the new Vigilanteweb

Today we launch the latest and greatest version of the Vigilanteweb site. In this latest iteration, we have implemented some more up to date WordPress features. Our portfolio has been completely rebuilt and is now working with a custom plugin. The plugin is built on a combination of Elliot Condon’s Advanced Custom Fields plugin, WordPress […]

Why you should use WordPress for your marketing web site

Today, WordPress powers over 70 million of the world’s web sites. Those sites range in size and complexity, from Fortune 500 companies, to private, personal journals and blogs.  And everywhere in between. We could make a list of reasons you would want to use WordPress as a part of your next project, but today we’re going […]

Software is handmade

I just read Scott Porad’s post “Why do web sites and software take so long to build? And why is it so hard?”, and it really got me thinking. He talks about how clients and customers think software should be faster and cheaper. That’s human nature I think and we can’t isolate that to consumers […]

The difference between CEO and COO

In a recent meeting with the CEO and COO of a lifestyle brand, I was reminded of the different hats of the CEO and COO. We were discussing the visual design of their web site. CEO: I want it to scream passion for the lifestyle. COO: It needs to showcase the product. The CEO (and […]

Google Analytics filtering for WordPress previews

When you have a WordPress site (or many), you might be inadvertently padding your Google Analytics Pageview data. When you “Preview” a post or a page in a browser, you are adding a pageview to your Google Analytics data. This will give you data that’s not accurate and can prove to be misleading as you make […]

Understanding SEO a little better

Have you heard this (or said it)? Client: I want my company’s web site to be the number 1 result on Google for “Product X”. Me: Yes, that sounds great. You just starting selling your version of “Product X” two weeks ago and you have never had a web site for your company. So we’re […]

Back in the game

It’s been a while since I blogged. And it’s time to pick up my “pen” again. Our studio has grown by leaps and bounds this year. We’ve taken on great new clients and continued to build great relationships with our existing clients. So much is happening in the tech world. We’ll use this space to […]