The difference between CEO and COO

In a recent meeting with the CEO and COO of a lifestyle brand, I was reminded of the different hats of the CEO and COO. We were discussing the visual design of their web site. CEO: I want it to scream passion for the lifestyle. COO: It needs to showcase the product. The CEO (and […]

Understanding SEO a little better

Have you heard this (or said it)? Client: I want my company’s web site to be the number 1 result on Google for “Product X”. Me: Yes, that sounds great. You just starting selling your version of “Product X” two weeks ago and you have never had a web site for your company. So we’re […]

I can’t see yesterday’s games!

Yesterday I mentioned that I launched, but this morning I was exposed to a major flaw. I wanted to check on last nights Mariners and Cubs scores… and I couldn’t do it. The site is set up to take the current day and show scores from that day. Which is great if it’s before […]

37signals to experiment in 2008

The guys over at 37signals posted today about experiments in the work place. They have implemented the 4-day work week (something that Ryan Carson has also implemented at Carsonified). They’re also “funding people’s passions” and giving their employees “discretionary spending accounts”. All of these are really good ways to keep really good employees excited about […]

Minor iPhone Gripe: Contacts

Let me first say, I love my iPhone. And I think that version 1.1.3 of the iPhone software was a great addition. The psuedo-GPS functionality with the maps functionality is freaky accurate. Now for the gripe. I have to click into the phone portion of iPhone to get to my contacts. It’s at least 2 […]

Scrabulous told to shut it down

In a move that reeks of short-sightedness and old business, the brass at Hasbro and Mattel have told Rajat and Jayant Agarwalla (the brothers behind the facebook application Scrabulous) to shut down their facebook application because it infringes on their copyright. Scrabble is a old standard board game that is probably past it’s prime (like […]

Practicing productive avoidance

Everyone gets to a point during a project when they just don’t want to be working on it anymore. It can be because a project is boring, but most likely it’s because we get engrossed in our work, and don’t take the time to step away. Then we hit a wall. This wall can cause […]

Eat your Vitamin

Ryan and Gillian, over at Carson Systems, have launched Vitamin, which they describe as “a resource for web designers, developers and entrepreneurs”. There are a lot of really fascinating people on their Advisory board, which I think will really lead and guide this site to great places. They go on to describe the site in […]

Book Review – Getting Real: the book

I recently finished reading “Getting Real: the book”, a book from 37signals. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has any interest in seeing how a company has successfully implemented business processes that work for them. The authors are quick to note that this isn’t a recipe for success, or a one size fits […]