In the News – Oct 5, 2012

Featuring a post about writing your own story (with adult language), and great examples of how social media can be used to create a storm of media coverage and album sales, and pitch perfect content marketing.

In the News – 8/31/2012

Sorry I missed you last week. I was off enjoying the mountains. Other than the news of huge blisters on the back of my heels, I was not very in touch with news (yes, I’ll be ok, thank you).┬áSo we pick it back up this week by looking at the cost of users, how to […]

In the News – 8/17/2012

This marks the first installment of “In the News”, a weekly installment of interesting and informative links that I’ve come across. Most of it will relate to startups, web development, entrepreneurship, design and technology. But I reserve the right to throw in a wildcard link to keep things interesting. If this sounds interesting you can […]