Google announces Google Chrome Operating System

I wasn’t sure when, or how, but it looks like the words I wrote 3 1/2 years ago are ringing true today. Google announces that they will be producing an operating system. They are calling it Google Chrome OS. According their the blog post, It’s a browser-based operating system built on top of a Linux […]

Sustainable Work/Life balance

In November, I had the opportunity to attend MindCamp 5.0 in Seattle. It was the first “Un-conference” I have ever been to.  My interest in the event was peaked when the great Bryan Zug started a Twitter conversation.  This was not any old conversation, but one regarding a passion of mine–establishing a sustainable balance of […]

Do Your Timesheets!!!

Why is it that in every work environment that I’ve ever worked, the accounting/project teams are constantly in battle with the creative/tech teams to get their timesheets done. Why is it so difficult to record the time you’ve spent on a given project on a given day. Now as I manage my business, I can […]

Vigilanteweb moves to the 4 Day Work Week

After much thought and consideration, starting in September 2008, Vigilanteweb will be instituting the 4 Day Work Week. Many people have asked questions like, “How will get all your work done?” or “What are you going to do on Friday?” And those are valid questions. Like  the folks at 37signals, our goal is not to […]

New RSS reader Times disappoints

So I’m reading my RSS feeds as usual, and I see a whole bunch of posts about a new RSS reader, Times, that is “perfect” or “revolutionary”. So I think, geez, that sounds like something I’d be into. So I went to the Acrylic Software site to see what all the fuss was about. I […]

I can’t see yesterday’s games!

Yesterday I mentioned that I launched, but this morning I was exposed to a major flaw. I wanted to check on last nights Mariners and Cubs scores… and I couldn’t do it. The site is set up to take the current day and show scores from that day. Which is great if it’s before […]