Writing more

As I approach my birthday this week, I am taking stock. Looking at what I’d like to do more of, and what I’d like to do less of in my life. On the “want to do more of” list is spend time with my family, engage in play, and writing. I want to write more. […]

Sustainable Work/Life balance

In November, I had the opportunity to attend MindCamp 5.0 in Seattle. It was the first “Un-conference” I have ever been to.  My interest in the event was peaked when the great Bryan Zug started a Twitter conversation.  This was not any old conversation, but one regarding a passion of mine–establishing a sustainable balance of […]

President Barack Obama

I can’t even believe it. I feel like this day has been coming, and also has been so far off. I remember when, my sister, Gina first mentioned working with Barack in the Illinois legislature and how she held him in such high regard. Then as he took the Senate seat in Illinois, gave his […]

Reading actually is Fun(damental)

This summer, I’ve read. I’ve read real books. Five of them since May. For some that’s actually a slow reading summer, but for me, I average about maybe 2 books a year. So 5 in a couple of months is pretty amazing. The really cool part about it is that the books weren’t totally related […]

Mighty Arrow brightens my Sunday

What can make a day with your fantasy baseball draft better? Two fantasy baseball drafts. What’s even better than that? Discovering that my favorite brewery (New Belgium – the makers of Fat Tire) have branched out into my favorite beer style (Pale Ale). It’s called “Mighty Arrow Pale Ale“, after the long time brewery dog. […]