A Morning of Fixing Database Errors

An upgrade on the servers that host Overrated-Underrated exposed incomplete or inaccurate data for some records in the database. So I spent part of my morning weeding through that and fixing the problems. Thankfully it wasn’t as bad as I first expected, but still another good learning experience. I’m excited that the error catching that […]

I can’t see yesterday’s games!

Yesterday I mentioned that I launched MyMobileScores.com, but this morning I was exposed to a major flaw. I wanted to check on last nights Mariners and Cubs scores… and I couldn’t do it. The site is set up to take the current day and show scores from that day. Which is great if it’s before […]

I want to write an iPhone application

I’ve never written a line of Objective-C or Cocoa but I have a sudden urge to develop an iPhone application. I don’t know what it would do yet and I guess thats not the point. I think it would be fun. If anyone has any suggestions or tips… I’d love to hear. I downloaded the […]

Creation of a Facebook app: Day 1

Well, not really Day 1. But Day 1 of digging deep into the code and trying to get data to and fro. From where I sit now, I’d call it a successful day. There were and are definitely bumps in the road, but for the most part, I’m finding this process very enjoyable. It’s not […]

Creating a Facebook application

I have an idea. I wouldn’t say that “I have a dream” necessarily. I think that’s taken already anyway. But I do have an idea for a Facebook application. More about the specifics of the app as we get further along in the development process. What I’d like to do here, is document the process […]

MidMarketer.com leads the way for mid-sized marketers

Recently we have teamed up with MidMarketer to develop their web presence. We’re really proud to work with such an outstanding organization and feel that the final product is a great launching point for their organization. Below is a snip from a MidMarketer press release. MidMarketer believes there are a growing number of mid-sized organizations […]