MidMarketer.com leads the way for mid-sized marketers

Recently we have teamed up with MidMarketer to develop their web presence. We’re really proud to work with such an outstanding organization and feel that the final product is a great launching point for their organization. Below is a snip from a MidMarketer press release. MidMarketer believes there are a growing number of mid-sized organizations […]

Vigilanteweb is reborn

For the past year or so I’ve been working as an independent contractor, as well as trying to gain momentum for Vigilanteweb. I am proud to say that Vigilanteweb is reborn today. We have become a limited liability corporation. We have many regular clients, we’re adding more all the time and we have very high […]

Google Docs

Wow, this is cool. I have been using Google Spreadsheets instead of using Microsoft Excel. There are some features that haven’t been implemented, but for the most part, I’m able to do anything that I need to do with Google Spreadsheets. Recently Google added Google Docs to the mix. In early March of 2006, Google […]

Pair Programming

Today I had my first experience with Pair Programming. Going in to it, I didn’t really know what to expect. My co-worker, Ryan, has experience with Extreme Programming(XP) techniques, and is an advocate of us adopting elements of XP to help in our development. He and I had worked together to develop a piece of […]

Changes for some notable bloggers

In the last couple of days there have been 3 very notable bloggers and members of the industry who are making wholesale changes in their work and in their lives. Last year around this time, Jason Kottke made a move from his fulltime job to become a fulltime blogger. A year later he reminisces about […]

Behold the release of Campfire

Alas, 37Signals has released their latest product, Campfire. It’s an online group chat application. I participated in some of their testing last week. I wasn’t overwhelmed but I will give it more of shot than that. I think we’ll take it for a test-drive over the next couple of days and see if it adds […]

Casual Fridays

To me, casual Friday makes no sense. If the idea of a dress code is to create a formal workplace or to give off a “professional” look, why are Fridays exempt? Or rather, why are people not required to be “professional” of Fridays? Dress codes are not what I have a problem with, I understand […]

What about the workspace?

I’ve been in the workforce for around 7 years, up until October of last year I’d never spent an extended period of time in a cubicle. I have, of course, heard about, seen in movies, comics, etc. of cubicle life, but I had never myself been a part of it on a day to day […]

The Changing Labor Landscape

I’m right on the cusp of Gen-X and Gen-Y. I don’t really identify myself with either and quite frankly think that the terms have been over-used and certainly over-marketedto us, but not by us. I’m on the younger side of my office. I’d guess that the average age is about 35. So most of the […]

Printing Responsibly

I want to take a moment to advocate for the use of enviromentally friendly printing for your business printing needs. Most of the marketing collateral that is produced is done so on non-recycleable paper and using inks that are toxic (not only to the earth but to the printers as well). It’s an easy decision […]