A few years ago I was working with a startup, Evri. I worked with them to create their marketing website. As their product went through a few iterations, they decided to create some standalone apps. They needed websites to support them. One of those apps was called SportStream. As the market (and the runway) for Evri faded, the leadership and investors decided to spin off SportStream as its own company.

Once SportStream was it’s own company, they called me to put together their website. Over time, we worked together on many iterations of their marketing website. I also jumped in and helped them prototype a new aspect of their product. They had a native mobile app, but they had the opportunity to use their technology with some teams. We¬†created a prototype site as the San Francisco Giants were making their way to the 2012 World Series Championship. From there, SportStream partnered with the Seattle Seahawks to provide a social media hub. SportStream also added college basketball teams, such as University of Michigan, University of Florida among others. As new seasons came around, we created team specific sites for Liverpool FC, and many NCAA football programs.

I ended up working with SportStream for about 18 months, until they were acquired by Facebook in December 2013. I was extremely happy for them and very proud of the small role that I played in their company story.